ISTELive 22
June 26-29

In-person conference, New Orleans

Catch us in New Orleans at ISTELive 22! We are excited to present and connect with educators in person. If you’re attending, come see us at one of our sessions!

Youth Voice as Civic Action
July 20, 9:30am-1pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Current events make it clear that our work as educators is now more urgent than ever to empower youth with the knowledge, skills and disposition to make positive change through civic action in community and digital spaces. Join KQED and Facing History for an interactive online workshop exploring the pivotal role of young people in civic engagement. Educators will explore civic standards-aligned classroom ready resources, activities and tools designed to help students harness the power of civic action and audio storytelling to share their stories and viewpoints with their peers and wider community.

"I'm just so appreciative. This was a wonderful surprise. [This time] felt like a gift. There are still talented, creative, fun people in the world who are dedicated to improving education for our students. Thanks for refreshing my soul!" - High school educator

Audio Storytelling Across the Curriculum
July 27, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12+ educators (Free)

Have you thought about podcasting with your students but aren’t sure where to start? In this interactive workshop, we’ll talk about the power of podcasting to motivate student learning, build critical thinking and communication skills, and help students share their voice in a supportive way. Then, we’ll get hands-on creating an audio story to use as a model for a student project. Podcasts are fairly simple to produce, and a powerful tool to build both traditional and media literacy skills.

Educator Summer Media Making Day: Creating in Community

July 30, 9am-4pm PT

In-person event; for grade 6-12 educators ($5-20)

Join KQED at our San Francisco headquarters and create media in community with fellow educators! At this day-long event, we will support you in bringing an audio or video project to your classroom–or in refining a project you already have–that helps students share their voices through media making! Using KQED Youth Media Challenge curriculum, you’ll plan an audio or video project for the new school year. You will work from idea to implementation, including creating your own model podcast or mini-documentary to use as an example with students.

Share or Beware: Help Students Fight Misinformation One Click at a Time
August 2, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12+ educators (Free)

Support students to develop healthy skepticism without turning into cynics as they gain vital online research and reasoning skills. In this interactive workshop, learn how professional fact checkers avoid falling for misinformation, then practice identifying and evaluating credible sources using a variety of methods. You’ll leave with ideas, teaching tips and ready-to-use resources to help students find reliable sources no matter where they click. 

Making Video to Build Classroom Community
August 4, 4-5:30pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12+ educators (Free)

Video projects are a powerful way to connect with students and strengthen classroom community as we go back to school. Explore a variety of video projects from K-12 classrooms that show the impact of video storytelling, then start your own video to use a model for a community-building video project in your learning context. You’ll get hands-on experience with video editing tools, as well as classroom resources, modifiable curriculum, and connections to further learning with KQED. Video production beginners and experts will leave with something useful for their practice. 

"This was truly enjoyable and informative. Love attending a session where you leave with something you take can implement directly in your classroom." - Elementary school educator

Unleash the Power of Audio Storytelling
August 10, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

When we empower students to share their voice, we welcome their personal experiences, insight about the world, and ideas for the future. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore a range of audio projects that support deeper learning and creative expression, unpack curriculum and tools to make audio production possible, and learn about publishing opportunities through KQED’s Youth Media Challenges. Help connect your students to each other and an audience beyond the classroom with audio storytelling. 

The Midterms Are Coming: Help Students Share Their Voice With KQED’s Political Cartooning Youth Media Challenge
August 17, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Tackle the midterm elections before they tackle you! Learn how your students can create political cartoons to share views on important issues and develop their voice in a democratic society. Editorial cartooning has a long history in the United States and draws on a rich visual and symbolic vocabulary to communicate complex ideas in a creative, accessible way. Get ready to get hands-on! We’ll unpack the "visual vocabulary" used in editorial cartoons and create our own. We'll also talk about how your students can publish their work through the KQED Youth Media Challenge: Political Cartooning With Mark Fiore. No prior artistic experience required! 

Make Your Classroom a “No Troll Zone” With a Digital Code of Conduct
August 24, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12+ educators (Free)

Being a good digital citizen means recognizing the responsibilities of engaging in positive behavior online. Set your students on the right track by developing and implementing a code of conduct for classroom technology use. This workshop will provide examples, tools and resources for creating your own code of conduct. You’ll get started on a draft and–bonus!–be on your way to earning the Creating a Code of Conduct micro-credential by PBS and KQED.

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