Level Up Science Communication with Media-Making Projects
June 14, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

Help students develop creative science communication skills and demonstrate their learning in science with media-making. As youth grow up in an ever increasing digital world, it is clear that they are consuming and interacting with media everyday. We want to uplift youth voice by giving them avenues to be creators, not just consumers. In this workshop, participants will explore how audio, video and graphics-based projects  can be incorporated into any science subject area. We’ll look at student-created examples and will dive into the steps of the media production cycle to see how they are aligned with the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.

"I love the hands on aspect of all the KQED workshops. Thank you for giving us time to create model texts for our students." - High school educator

First Person: Help Students Tell Their Stories with Multimedia Personal Narratives
June 20, 2-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Start the year inviting students to bring their whole selves into your classroom with this multimedia personal narrative project. KQED’s First Person Youth Media Challenge invites students to create a short film, audio essay or visual self-portrait or photo essay to share their story or speak their truth. Media making strengthens writing, speaking, listening and language fluency, in addition to boosting confidence and centering student voice. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the creative possibilities of the updated First Person project, which expands on KQED’s Perspectives challenge. We’ll also jump into media creation and project planning so you’re ready to bring the project to students this school year. Come away with ideas, inspiration and ready-to-use modifiable curriculum resources in English and Spanish. Finally, learn about how your middle and high school students can publish their work on KQED’s Youth Media Showcase and share their voice beyond the classroom.

Call for Change: Amplify Student Civic Voice with Multimedia Commentary
June 22, 2-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Youth voices are leading the way as advocates for change at the local, national and global level. KQED’s Call for Change Youth Media Challenge asks students to create a video or audio commentary or an editorial cartoon to share their voice on an issue that matters to them. Supporting youth voice strengthens civic engagement along with traditional and media literacy skills. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore ready-to-use curriculum resources, jump into planning, and start a video or audio commentary to use as a model with students. You’ll leave with everything you need to do KQED’s Call for Change Youth Media Challenge or a similar issue-based media project this school year.

"I'm just so appreciative. This was a wonderful surprise. [This time] felt like a gift. There are still talented, creative, fun people in the world who are dedicated to improving education for our students. Thanks for refreshing my soul!" - High school educator

Help Students Unpack Media Bias and More
June 28, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

From TikTok videos and “authentic” social media influencers to advertisements and docudramas, teaching students how to critically read media is more important than ever. In this workshop, learn how media messages are put together using production choices like framing and music–that are often designed to play on our biases and motivate our interests and actions. 

Show What You Know: Inform, Inspire and Educate with Media-Making Projects
July 12, 2-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Informational media is critical in today's society as it provides us all the knowledge to navigate the complex and constantly evolving world. It helps society stay informed about current events, understand different perspectives, and make decisions. KQED’s Show What You Know Youth Media Challenge gives students the opportunity to create their own informational media and allows them to share their voice, expertise or curiosity about topics, issues and events they care about. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore ready-to-use curriculum resources, jump into planning, and start a mini-documentary or podcast to use as a model with students. You’ll leave with everything you need to do KQED’s Show What You Know Youth Media Challenge in the next school year.  

Educator Media Making Day 2023: Unleash the Power of Audio

July 29, 9am-4pm PDT

In-person event; for grade 6-12 educators ($5-20)

Middle and high school teachers: Put your students’ voices at the center of back-to-school planning. Join us at our San Francisco headquarters on July 29 and create media in community with fellow educators! We will support you in bringing an audio project to your classroom that helps students share their voices about themselves, their community, and the issues and topics that matter to them. Collaborating with other educators at your same media-making level, you’ll work from idea to implementation and start creating your own audio model to share with students.


The Art of Centering Student Voice with Editorial Cartooning
August 3, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grades 6-12 educators (Free)

Learn how your students can create political cartoons to share views on important issues and develop their voice in a democratic society. Editorial cartooning has a long history in the United States and draws on a rich visual and symbolic vocabulary to communicate complex ideas in a creative, accessible way. Get ready to get hands-on! We’ll unpack the "visual vocabulary" used in editorial cartoons and create our own. We'll also talk about how your students can publish their work as part of KQED’s Call for Change Youth Media Challenge. No previous artistic experience required!

Make Media Projects Work in Your Classroom
August 8, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grades K-12 educators (Free)

Set your students up for success to make media in your classroom this school year! Explore best practices around implementing media projects across grade levels and subject areas. This includes creating a “media workshop” setting to encourage student creativity and independence. Come away with ideas and classroom-ready resources from KQED and fellow educators. Open to all, whether you’re planning your first media project, or have already made student media-making part of your practice.

Bring Information and Data to Life with Infographics
August 10, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grades K-12 educators (Free)

The language of visual design offers a powerful way to motivate students and demonstrate learning. How can educators use infographics to help students communicate ideas, concepts and data? This workshop explores KQED’s Show What You Know Youth Media Challenge infographic curriculum and provides tips and techniques for creating data visualization across content areas. You’ll get started making your own infographic as a model for students and explore the elements of design to build confidence in implementing infographic projects in your classroom.

"I loved the hands-on and collaborative elements of the workshop and the opportunities for reflection." - Elementary school educator

Share or Beware: Help Students Fight Misinformation One Click at a Time
August 16, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grades K-12 educators (Free)

Join us for this continuously updated source-checking workshop! Help students to develop healthy skepticism without turning into cynics as they gain vital online research and reasoning skills. We'll learn how professional fact checkers avoid falling for misinformation, then practice identifying and evaluating credible sources using a variety of methods. Put what you’ve learned to the test playing the newest version of our favorite source-checking game: Share or Beware! You’ll leave with ideas, teaching tips and ready-to-use resources to help students find reliable sources no matter where they click.

Wait, Can I Use That? Understanding Copyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain for Media Making
August 23, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grades K-12 educators (Free)

Wondering when it's okay to reuse or remix other people's work? Confused by terms like copyright, public domain, fair use and Creative Commons? In this workshop, we’ll review these topics and discuss how to support students in making media that respects the rights of other creators. And you’ll learn how to find copyright-free media to use for any project.

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