If You Really Knew Me: Identity, Belonging and Multimedia Storytelling with Facing History California x KQED 
October 4, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Developing an understanding of their own identity deepens young peoples’ relationships with each other, breaks down stereotypes, and nurtures a sense of community and belonging. How can educators support young people to share a powerful message, memory, story, value or life lesson about themselves or their community? In this interactive online workshop, participants will explore Facing History’s classroom-ready materials and jump into project planning and media creation related to KQED’s First Person Photo Essay Youth Media Challenge project. We'll also talk about how middle and high school students can publish their work on KQED’s Youth Media Showcase and share their voice beyond the classroom.

KQED x WeVideo: Inspire and Inform with Student-Created Mini-Documentary Projects
October 11, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Informational media is critical in today's society by providing the knowledge and know-how to navigate the complex and constantly evolving world. KQED’s Show What You Know Youth Media Challenge invites students to create their own informational media and share their voice, expertise or curiosity about topics they care about.  In this interactive workshop, we’ll partner with WeVideo to explore ready-to-use curriculum and media-making resources, jump into video pre-production, and start a mini-documentary to use as a model with students. You’ll leave with everything you need to do KQED’s Show What You Know Youth Media Challenge in the next school year, including premium access to WeVideo for you and up to 150 students for six months.

"This was truly enjoyable and informative. Love attending a session where you leave with something you can implement directly in your classroom."

- Elementary school educator

Your Award Awaits: How to Become a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator
October 18, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

You’ve been working on integrating media making, analysis and evaluation into your teaching, and KQED and PBS want to reward you! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to become a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator as part of your existing teaching practice.

Welcome to Media Literacy Week!
Oct 23-27, 2023

Media creation is a vital part of media literacy. At KQED, our core mission is to elevate diverse youth voices, and what better way to do that during Media Literacy Week than with two media-making workshops that center student voice. Literally. Join us this week for two thematically connected audio workshops that can also stand alone. Spread the word, invite a colleague and come celebrate the power of media literacy with KQED!

Intro to Audio Storytelling: Soundscape Building Blocks
October 25, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

Get a taste of audio storytelling by exploring ways to use sound to communicate ideas and create a more immersive audio story. In this workshop, we’ll focus on all things soundscape, especially the way sound effects can draw in the listener. You’ll create a sound-rich audio story, then discover ready-to-use resources to start making audio in your classroom. If you’re new to audio, this is a great place to start. And if you’ve already got some experience, you’ll gain new skills and ideas. (Then come back for more on Thursday, Oct 26!)

Next Level Audio Storytelling: Engaging Student Voice
October 26, 4-5:30pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

Ready to help your students share their voices? Podcasts are a great place to start. Students build both traditional literacy and media literacy skills as they research, write and share their learning about any concept or topic of interest. Connect podcasting to a unit you’ve already planned or explore KQED’s Show What You Know Youth Media Challenge project. As always, we’ll get hands-on with scripting and audio production. You’ll leave empowered to do a podcast project with students. This workshop is great for all levels of experience--no prerequisites!

"I'm just so appreciative. This was a wonderful surprise. [This time] felt like a gift. There are still talented, creative, fun people in the world who are dedicated to improving education for our students. Thanks for refreshing my soul!" - High school educator

Call for Change with Multimedia Commentaries
November 1, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Youth voices are leading the way as advocates for change at the local, national and global level. Support your students to conduct research, craft arguments and create media to make their voices heard. KQED’s Call for Change Youth Media Challenge invites students to share their views, and encounter multiple perspectives by creating an audio or video commentary about an issue they care about. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore ready-to-use curriculum resources, jump into planning, and start a video or audio commentary to use as a model with students. You’ll leave with everything you need to do KQED’s Call for Change Youth Media Challenge or a similar issue-based media project this school year.

Yes, the Media Part Counts: Authentic Assessment of Student Media Projects
November 8, 4-5pm PST

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

When we ask students to communicate with media, their production and design choices make a difference. In the same way spelling, grammar and punctuation help students communicate clearly, media “conventions” like color palette, camera angle or audio levels, help student producers reach and engage their audience. Explore best practices around authentically assessing student media projects across grade levels and subject areas. Come away with classroom-ready resources and ideas from KQED and fellow educators. Open to all, whether you’re planning your first media project, or have already made student media-making part of your practice. 

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