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The Midterms Are Coming: Help Students Share Their Voice With KQED’s Political Cartooning Youth Media Challenge
August 17, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Tackle the midterm elections before they tackle you! Learn how your students can create political cartoons to share views on important issues and develop their voice in a democratic society. Editorial cartooning has a long history in the United States and draws on a rich visual and symbolic vocabulary to communicate complex ideas in a creative, accessible way. Get ready to get hands-on! We’ll unpack the "visual vocabulary" used in editorial cartoons and create our own. We'll also talk about how your students can publish their work through the KQED Youth Media Challenge: Political Cartooning With Mark Fiore. No prior artistic experience required! 

Make Your Classroom a “No Troll Zone” With a Digital Code of Conduct
August 24, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12+ educators (Free)

Being a good digital citizen means recognizing the responsibilities of engaging in positive behavior online. Set your students on the right track by developing and implementing a code of conduct for classroom technology use. This workshop will provide examples, tools and resources for creating your own code of conduct. You’ll get started on a draft and–bonus!–be on your way to earning the Creating a Code of Conduct micro-credential by PBS and KQED.

"I'm just so appreciative. This was a wonderful surprise. [This time] felt like a gift. There are still talented, creative, fun people in the world who are dedicated to improving education for our students. Thanks for refreshing my soul!" - High school educator

Call for Change: Help Students Share Their Voice With Audio and Video Commentaries
September 13 & 15, 4-6pm PDT

2-part online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

Youth voices are leading the way as advocates for change at the local, national and global level. Help middle or high school students create audio or video commentaries about how to make the world a better place with KQED’s new Call for Change Youth Media Challenge. In this 2-part interactive workshop, we’ll explore curriculum resources, jump into planning and start an audio commentary to use as a model. You’ll leave with everything you need to do KQED’s Call for Change Youth Media Challenge or a similar issue-based media project with students.

"This was truly enjoyable and informative. Love attending a session where you leave with something you can implement directly in your classroom." - Elementary school educator

Unleash the Power of Audio Storytelling
October 5, 4-6pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

When we empower students to share their voice, we welcome their personal experiences, insight about the world, and ideas for the future. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore a range of audio projects that support deeper learning and creative expression, unpack curriculum and tools to make audio production possible, and learn about publishing opportunities through KQED’s Youth Media Challenges. Help connect your students to each other and an audience beyond the classroom with audio storytelling.

Using Empathy to Guide Human-Centered Engineering Design
October 18 & 20, 4-6pm PDT

2-part online workshop; for grade 6-12 educators (Free)

In this 2-part workshop, participants will explore the Engineering for Good Youth Media Challenge, a project-based unit for middle and high school students to engage in human-centered engineering design processes and communicating with media to an audience beyond the classroom. In this unit, students identify problems that disproportionately impact marginalized communities that can be solved or improved through engineering in order to disrupt patterns of injustice and inequity. Participants will analyze student examples, brainstorm topics that fit their subject matter, go through the steps of the engineering design process and create a model infographic communicating their solutions.

Assessing and Implementing Student Media Projects
November 2, 4-5pm PDT

Online workshop; for grade K-12 educators (Free)

Explore best practices around assessing and implementing media projects across grade levels and subject areas. Come away with classroom-ready resources and ideas from KQED and fellow educators. Open to all, whether you’re planning your first media project, or have already made student media-making part of your practice. 

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