Find Us @ ISTELive 22

Monday, June 27

Start With Teachers as Creators to Build Student Media Literacy

11:30am – 12:30pm CT
Room 389-90

As tech tools become more accessible, let’s embrace the next step: integrating media-making in classrooms to center student voice and creativity. Get hands-on with LAUSD's Instructional Technology Initiative and public media’s KQED and learn how they partnered to support 32 Practitioner Schools to integrate media projects PK-12.

Creating for Authentic Audiences with Public Media 

1:00 - 2:00pm CT
Soundtrap Booth - 1334

Join us in the Soundtrap booth to explore free curriculum and professional learning supporting your students in making media for authentic audiences.

Inspire Learning With Student-Created Science Documentaries

5:00 – 6:30pm CT
Room 346-7

Preregistration is required to attend in person.

Engage your students in authentic ways to demonstrate their science communication skills with student-created documentaries with KQED’s Science Documentary Youth Media Challenge. You will get hands-on with video production, investigate customizable curriculum and talk implementation with other teachers.

Tuesday, June 28

Daily Livestream from ISTELive 22 With New EdTech Classroom

10:30-10:50am CT
Lobby H or YouTube

Founder & CEO of New EdTech Classroom talk media literacy with KQED staff!

Civic Engagement With KQED and Common Sense 

11:00am – 12:00pm CT
Common Sense Booth - 1859

Did you know that you can add civic engagement into your curriculum no matter what subject you teach? Come see us & our pals Common Sense Education in the exhibitor hall to learn more and get free resources!

Creating for Authentic Audiences with Public Media 

12:30 -1:30pm CT
Soundtrap Booth - 1334

Join us in the Soundtrap booth to explore free curriculum and professional learning supporting your students in making media for authentic audiences.

Cultivate Student Fact Checkers and Media-Makers With PBS Media Literacy Certification

5:00 – 6:30pm CT
La Nouvelle Ballroom, Table 5

Students of all ages are active consumers and creators of media. Teachers and librarians have a central role in helping them spot misinformation, surf safely online and make effective media. The PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED can help you and your students develop your media expertise.

Our Offerings

KQED Teach

KQED offers free online professional development to help educators teach media literacy and media-making with confidence. Our self-paced courses include hands-on, step-by-step videos and activities developed by professional media literacy educators, as well endless resources for your classrooms. With topics such as identifying misinformation, making podcasts or finding new online classroom tools, it’s never been easier for educators in all roles, subjects, and grades to integrate media training into your schedule.

Looking for District or school-level training? Reach out to Almetria Vaba, our Director of Partnerships & Distribution.

Youth Media Challenges

Challenge your middle and high school students to share their voices beyond the classroom. These are standards-aligned media-making projects for multiple content areas and come with ready-to-use curricular supports.  

Our newest challenge, Call for Change, asks students to share their ideas on a topic of their choice for how to make the world a better place. 

Above the Noise

A video series for teens, Above the Noise cuts through the hype and dives deep into the research behind the issues affecting their daily lives. The series investigates controversial subject matter to help young viewers draw their own informed conclusions and practice civil discourse. Each video is accompanied by a free lesson plan and transcripts in English and Spanish for educators to use to facilitate conversations with students inside your classroom and from schools around the country.

About KQED

KQED (pronounced K-Q-E-D) is a nonprofit, public media station and NPR and PBS member station based in San Francisco. As a leader in media innovation, KQED provides free standards-aligned classroom content and professional development courses that educators can trust. Our resources help educators strengthen their media literacy skills, empower youth voices, and encourage civil discourse.

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