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How It Works

Enhance your skills teaching media literacy and earn graduate units from accredited universities with KQED.

At KQED Teach, we offer award-winning courses for K-12 teachers to integrate media literacy into core curricula. These courses come with the added benefit of helping you increase your income with university credits.

  1. Explore Courses: Browse KQED's free courses covering media analysis, source evaluation, implementing and assessing media projects, and integrating video, audio, infographics, cartoons, and photo essay projects. 
  2. Engage & Learn: Enroll in a course or courses. Dive into rich, interactive content—empowering yourself with new strategies, curriculum and teaching practices. 
  3. Earn Credits: Complete courses on KQED Teach and submit your course completion certificate with a per-unit fee to purchase graduate credits from either the University of San Diego or the Teachers College of San Joaquin

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Why Choose KQED Teach?

Expertise in Media Literacy and Education: 

KQED is a nonprofit, public media station with 70 years’ experience in education. Our focus is on supporting educators and their students to gain the skills and knowledge required to evaluate information quality, communicate effectively using a wide range of media and be better prepared to join the civic conversation as adults.

Flexibility & Accessibility: 

Access our courses anytime, anywhere—fitting seamlessly into busy schedules. All of our courses are offered free of chargeensuring there are no financial barriers to media literacy education. 

Based in Real-World Classroom Experience: 

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned educators and industry professionals guiding you through engaging, practical content. Learn from educators who have successfully integrated media literacy into their daily routines, assessments, digital portfolios, and projects. 

Partner Universities: 

Many school districts and educational institutions offer salary increments or advancement for teachers who accumulate graduate units, rewarding a dedication to ongoing learning. Upon completion of a free KQED Teach course, educators have the option to purchase units from either the Teachers College of San Joaquin or the University of San Diego.

***Please check with your district to ensure they accept these units before purchasing.****

Courses and Credit

Complete FREE courses on KQED Teach. Then submit your course certification of completion to the accreditation partners to purchase graduate units.

These free courses take approximately 8 hours to complete to earn .5 units:

These free courses take approximately 15 hours to complete to earn 1 unit:

Questions? Reach out to Rik Panganiban [email protected]