Shoot It! Recording Video Part 1

  • Camera Basics
  • Camera Shots
  • Practice: One Shot at a Time
  • Composition in Video
  • Make & Share: Shoot it! Part 1

Shoot It! Recording Video Part 2

  • Camera Movement
  • Practice: Moving the Shot
  • Lighting
  • Practice: Let There Be Light
  • Audio
  • Make & Share: Shoot It! Part 2

Finding Your Inner Oprah! Conducting Interviews

  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Practice: Crafting your interview questions
  • Filming Interviews
  • Interview Light and Audio
  • Practice: Tell Me About Yourself
  • B-roll
  • Practice: B-roll in your interview
  • Make & Share: Finding Your Inner Oprah!

We'll Fix It In Post! Editing Video

  • Video Editing & Transitions
  • Practice: Sequencing
  • Still images and the Ken Burns effect
  • Practice: Being Ken Burns
  • Music & SFXs
  • Practice: Adding Sound
  • Titles and Text
  • Practice: The Credit Roll
  • Make & Share: We'll Fix It In Post!

It's a Wrap! From Script to Screen

  • One Minute Films
  • Developing Your Story
  • Practice: Writing a Story Spine
  • The Shooting Script
  • Make & Share: It's a Wrap!


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Video Storytelling Essentials


In this course you will:

  • Master the basics to create videos with your students
  • Learn about the different techniques to carefully construct compelling stories
  • Learn how movement, lighting and sound effect visual storytelling, sometimes in more profound ways than the image itself
  • Learn how to conduct interviews that help you tell a compelling story
  • Learn the basics of post-production and editing
  • Create your own one minute film

Read time: Approx 1hr

Project time: 15hrs


  • Write