Course Overview

Master the basics to create videos with your students

Course Modules

The difference between a good video and an amazing one has way more to do with the person holding the camera than with fancy equipment or special effects. Armed with your smartphone, master the basic knowledge for shooting visually compelling videos.
Approximately: 2-4 hrs.

Great directors make use of different techniques to carefully construct compelling stories. Learn how movement, lighting and sound effect visual storytelling, sometimes in more profound ways than the image itself.
Approximately: 2-4 hrs.

Interviews can be a very powerful. But they don’t just happen on their own, learn how to conduct interviews that help you tell a compelling story.
Approximately: 2-4 hrs.

Post production encompasses everything that takes place after a video is shot and before it hits the movie theatre (or, you know, you show it to your students).
Approximately: 2-4 hrs.

You've learned about shots, lighting, and sound, and practiced some basic editing and simple storytelling. Now you are going to learn how to put it all together into a one minute film.
Approximately: 2-4 hrs.

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Plan, execute and tell the story of integrating video storytelling into your learning environment.

Course Objectives

Complete the 6 modules in this course to earn the Teach: Video Storytelling Essentials badge.