Course Overview

Explore how to use social media tools to learn, share and make your voice heard.

Course Modules

The amount of resources we come across on our social media feeds every day can be overwhelming. So, how do we know what to pay attention to? Learn how to “tune the receiver” to improve the quality of the information you are collecting.
Approximately: 1-2 hrs.

Use social media as a tool to develop learning networks and understand today’s world is about making connections between the information we receive, in order to weave it into a cohesive and meaningful story.
Approximately: 1-2 hrs.

In this module we’ll discuss the information that you will put out to the world - how you’ll add your voice to the chorus.
Approximately: 1-2 hrs.

Course Objectives

Complete the 3 modules in this course to earn the Teach: Taking Charge of Social Media badge.