Pitching Your Podcast

  • Determine Your Podcast Personality
  • Figuring Out What You Like
  • Vetting Podcast Ideas
  • Practice: Explore Podcasting Platforms
  • Make & Share: Pitch Your First Episode In One Paragraph Or Less

Podcast Interviews

  • Three Types of Interviews
  • Something-To-Hide Interview
  • Expert Interview
  • Practice: Writing Questions
  • Make & Share: A 3-minute Job Profile

Recording Sound

  • Choosing Your Recorder
  • Other Equipment
  • What Sounds To Gather
  • Practice: Gather The Characteristic Sounds Of Your Room
  • Skills You Need For Gathering Great Sound
  • Make & Share: Soundscapes

Editing Your Podcast

  • Essential Audio Editing Vocabulary
  • Practice: Finding Your Editing Flow
  • Structuring Your Podcast
  • Tips For Writing For Radio
  • Make & Share: Structuring Your Story

Voicing Your Podcast

  • How to Find Your Radio Voice
  • Practice: Your Host Intro
  • Mark Up Your Script
  • Practice: Using Your Voice Effectively
  • Make & Share: Your Podcast


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Podcasting with Youth Radio


In this course you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of podcasting and learn how to create a brief pitch for a podcast of your own
  • Learn new techniques for interviewing different types of people, and conduct a brief interview.
  • Learn how to find and record great sound for your podcast
  • Turn your raw audio into your story through editing
  • Learn and practice the techniques for finding your radio voice
  • Create your own edited audio story

Read Time: Approx 1hrs

Project Time: Approx 15hrs


  • Write