Course Overview

Foundational digital media literacy concepts.

Course Modules

The media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and now we have all become media producers-- every time we post anything to social media, we are carefully crafting messages for our audience.
Approximately: 1 hr.

Stories, or evidence of storytelling, have been around since the cave painting era. And since that day we have slowly built a world where everything revolves around stories. Learn how to construct stories and harness their power in your learning environment.
Approximately: 1 hr.

You are biased! Then again, so is everybody else. Your personal agenda, beliefs and assumptions influence the type of media you consume, and more importantly, the media you make. It’s important to identify bias and deal with it.
Approximately: 1 hr.

Think about all the times something has gone viral, and then it turns out it was just a hoax! Identifying what’s real and what’s fake on the Internet has become a challenge for everyone.
Approximately: 1 hr.

Learn the fundamentals of copyright and using copyrighted materials. Explore what you can use, how to use it, and where to find it so you can go forth and create without fear.
Approximately: 1 hr.

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It’s time to take the final step and share how you’ve used what you learned in the Media Foundations course in your teaching practice. The final Make and Share for all of our courses is a lesson plan. This takes professional learning to the next level by allowing you to share what you’ve learned with your fellow educators, peer to peer.

Course Objectives

Complete the 6 modules in this course to earn the Teach: Media Foundations badge.