Making Interactive Maps Pt. 1

  • Using Maps In Your Classroom
  • Creating Your Base Map
  • Dropping Pins
  • Practice: Pin Your Location On The Map
  • Make & Share: Map Your Weekend

Making Interactive Maps Pt. 2

  • Adding Layers
  • Practice: Adding Layers to Your Map
  • Paths and Areas
  • Practice: Deconstruct a Map
  • Open Data
  • Practice: Creating a Map with Open Data
  • Sharing Your Map
  • Make & Share: An Interactive Map
  • Lesson Plan: Making Interactive Maps


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Making Interactive Maps


In this two-module course you will:

  • Learn the basics of how to create a great interactive map using free tools
  • Learn about elements of design and apply them your map-making
  • Learn how to add nuance to your map by using layers, open data, and defining paths and areas within your map
  • Create two interactive maps and a lesson plan for map-making in the classroom

Read time: Approx 30min

Project time: 6hrs


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