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Back in the day, we only had highlighters and pens to make notes for ourselves in text. Now with digital annotation tools we can comment on anything on the web with others. Learn how to incorporate digital annotation into your classroom teaching.

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What we provide:
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Learn about web annotation   Reflect on the many applications of web annotation
Learn how web annotation is used for personal note-taking, group discussion and public commentary   Explore the various applications of web annotation for artistic expression, civic discourse and conversation. 
Practice individual and group web annotation   Digitally annotate and curate resources for a research project
Practice using the tool to annotate yourself and with others.   Research a topic online, annotate your resources, and share your results with other educators.


  • Web Annotation as Note-taking
  • Practice: Your First Digital Annotation
  • Web Annotation as Conversation
  • Practice: Annotating Alone, Annotating Together
  • Web Annotation as Expression
  • Practice: Annotate It With Media
  • Web Annotation as Participation
  • Make & Share: Inquiring Minds Want To Annotate
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