Course Overview

Learn the production techniques and basics to communicate with photography

Course Modules

It's important to understand that photographs are not just quick snapshots taken in the heat of a moment. Just like all other forms of media, photographers use production techniques to capture their images. Knowing how to use these production techniques will allow you and your students to tell the story you want to tell.

Approximately: 1-2 hrs.

Communicating with a photograph isn’t just about how you arrange your subjects inside the frame. There are lots of other details that help you build the story you want to tell. Photographers use perspective, lighting, symbolism and mood to create their single frame story.
Approximately: 1-2 hrs.

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It’s time to take the final step and share how you’ve used photography in your teaching practice. The final Make and Share for all of our courses is a lesson plan. This takes professional learning to the next level by allowing you to share what you’ve learned with your fellow educators, peer to peer.

Course Objectives

Complete the two modules in this course to earn the Teach: Photography badge.