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Bootcamp: Reading & Comprehension Using Media Texts


Bootcamp: Transmedia Learning, Transmedia Understanding


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Bootcamp: Using Media as Core Text


06/25/2018 - 07/01/2018


In this free, online, one-week bootcamp, participants will take the KQED Teach course “Using Media as Core Text” along with a supportive community of fellow educators, and participate in additional activities with special guest teachers and experts. The course will cover:

  • How to effectively use media as a text to teach core content,
  • How to employ multiple media sources and formats to reinforce learning, and
  • How different media formats impact teaching strategies.

Bootcamp participants will create a lesson plan featuring a media text to implement in the fall semester, and will walk away with a collection of media resources to use in their teaching.


Jordan Stewart-Rozema


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Additional Information

Special Guest Instructor:

Mariana Garcia Serrato is a STEM teacher at AdVENTURE in San Jose, CA, currently teaching Science and Engineering in grades 5 through 8. She is a Google Certified Educator, Edmodo Ambassador, Globaloria Teacher of the Year (2013) and SCCOE/TI STEM Teacher of the Year (2014). Her goal of making STEM relevant to her students has inspired her to create a fully gamified, PBL classroom. She enjoys sharing her ideas in her blog and connecting with other educators using the Twitter handle @MarianaGSerrato.


KQED Instructor:

Jordan Stewart-Rozema is the online learning specialist and community coordinator for KQED Teach. Before joining KQED, Jordan worked at Emory University, where she taught undergraduate courses that employed a range of media texts. She also worked as a Digital Scholarship Consultant, developing and leading courses and trainings to help faculty, staff, and students incorporate digital media projects into their teaching and learning.

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