Lesson 1: The Maker Movement


Lesson 2: What Do You Include in a Portfolio?


Lesson 3: Pick Your Project & Learning Goals


Lesson 4: Make, Document, & Reflect


Lesson 5: Platform Exploration


Lesson 6: Youth Portfolios


Lesson 7: Youth Portfolios, Tips & Resources


Lesson 8: Your Digital Portfolio Piece



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Bootcamp: Digital Portfolios with Maker Ed


01/02/2019 - 01/13/2019


In this free, online, twelve-day bootcamp, participants will take the KQED Teach course “Digital Portfolios with Maker Ed” along with a supportive community of fellow educators, and participate in additional activities not available in the self-paced version of the course.

The bootcamp will focus on:

  • Documentation processes and digital portfolio tools
  • How to support youth-designed portfolios
  • Maker Ed's Open Portfolio Project

Bootcamp participants will create their own digital portfolio and will walk away with a collection of resources they can use to support youth-designed portfolios.


Jordan Stewart-Rozema


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Additional Information

Meet the Instructors:

Aaron Vanderwerff is the Director of Learning at Maker Ed, where he is responsible for content development and delivery to educators and trainers. He manages the design and content behind Maker Ed’s work, including resources, workshops, and programs. Throughout his sixteen years as a public educator, Aaron has been passionate about making and inquiry, believing that learner-centered, hands-on education can revolutionize our educational system. Prior to working at MakerEd he was the Lighthouse Creativity Lab Director, where he collaborated with teachers to turn learning over to students throughout the school day.
Connect on Twitter: @aVndrwrff



Jordan Stewart-Rozema is the Online Learning Community Manager for KQED, where she develops instructional content for KQED Teach and manages KQED's In the Classroom blog. Previously, Jordan was an instructor and digital scholarship consultant at Emory University, where she led courses to help faculty incorporate digital media projects into their teaching.
Connect on Twitter: @jstewartrozema


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