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Bootcamp: Developing & Assessing Digital Writers


07/09/2018 - 07/22/2018


Digital writing helps elevate student voice and build real-world communication skills. In this free, online, two-week bootcamp, participants will focus on bringing one form of digital writing to their classroom: blogging.

Blogging can help develop your students’ digital writing by combining traditional writing (text) with a digital platform (sharing online), along with the opportunity to incorporate other forms of media-making. 

Participants will learn how to implement a classroom blogging project along with a supportive community of fellow educators and special guest experts. The bootcamp will cover:

  • Selecting a blog platform and story formats,
  • Aligning the project to curriculum and standards, and
  • Strategies for incorporating feedback throughout the project.

Bootcamp participants will design a blog strategy and assessment tool for formative feedback. They will walk away with ideas and advice on how to develop their students’ digital writing skills, and a collection of blogging resources to support and inspire their teaching.


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Additional Information

Meet our Special Guests:


Dr. Troy Hicks is a professor of English and education at Central Michigan University and former middle school teacher focused on the teaching of writing, literacy and technology. Hicks directs CMU’s Chippewa River Writing Project, a site of the National Writing Project. He has authored numerous books and articles on digital writing, and blogs regularly at



Olivia Allen-Price is producer and host of the Bay Curious series for KQED. Prior to joining KQED in 2013, Olivia worked at The Baltimore Sun and The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, VA. She holds degrees in journalism and political science from Elon University. 



Peter Paccone is a high school social studies teacher with 30 years of teaching experience. He is the Coordinating Editor of KQED’s In the Classroom blog and writes frequently for several education blogs such as In the Classroom, Edutopia and PBS’s Teacher Lounge. 



Jen Doucette is a high school English teacher at Waunakee High School. She teaches various writing classes, including Advanced Composition, Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing.  Recently through her research with the Greater Madison Writing Project, she has implemented a gradeless classroom for writing instruction.


About the Facilitator:


Jordan Stewart-Rozema is the online learning specialist and community coordinator for KQED Teach. Previously, Jordan was an instructor and digital scholarship consultant at Emory University, where she led courses to help faculty incorporate blogging and other digital media projects into their teaching. Connect with her on Twitter: @jstewartrozema.



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