KQED Media Academy for Educators

Inspire and Engage Students through Digital Media

Now more than ever, educators need support around digital media literacy skills, in both remote and traditional classroom environments. The new KQED Media Academy offers a set of four free, instructor-led online professional development courses that prepare educators to effectively and meaningfully analyze, evaluate and make media with students to support curriculum goals. 

These professional learning courses are open to all educators across the country, including PreK-12 classroom teachers, librarians, TOSAs and anyone who wants to make media-rich, digitally-savvy learning available to students. The Academy will give you the skills and experience you need to connect the dots between digital citizenship, media literacy, 21st Century skills and national curriculum standards.

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When you take a KQED Media Academy course, you will:

  • Gain the skills to create digital media and integrate it into lesson plans. 
  • Learn by doing hands-on media projects with a cohort of peers. 
  • Get individual feedback on your work from an expert instructor.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion that can be used to document PD hours (20 or 40 hours, depending on the course).
  • Develop the competencies and artifacts needed to earn the micro-credentials that lead to PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED.

How it works: 

  • Online instruction delivered through videos, lessons and activities on the KQED Teach platform. 
  • Courses run between 3-6 weeks, and you can set your own schedule for when you work on the assignments.
  • Individual support and feedback is provided by expert instructors on the platform and via video conferencing.
  • You can sign up for a course on your own or with colleagues from your school or district. Sign up for as many Media Academy courses as you like. Either way, you’ll be connected to a professional learning network of like-minded educators. 

District and school leaders: get in touch to learn how Media Academy cohorts can help you meet professional development goals.

Explore the Media Academy Courses

Video Production for the Classroom

Students get the majority of their news and entertainment through short form video content. Meet them where they are by mastering video production basics. You’ll make your own instructional video and learn how to engage and assess students as creators and critical consumers of video.

Next cohort: January 10-February 20, 2022 Sign up here

Podcasting and Audio Production for the Classroom

Audio storytelling is an easy, accessible way for students to practice literacy and content creation—all they need is a phone. In this course, you’ll make audio for your classroom as well as learn how to teach and assess student audio projects.

Next cohort: February 28-April 10, 2022 Sign up here

Analyzing and Evaluating Media for the Classroom

Misinformation is a constant in our lives, especially in the current global reality. This course will help you empower students to effectively assess the accuracy and quality of information across media formats and understand the techniques content creators use to shape their messages.

Next cohort: November 15-December 12, 2021 Sign up here

Graphic and Interactive Media Production for the Classroom

Learn how to use visual design to communicate data and reach more students through engaging infographics, interactive maps, and more. This course also covers teaching and assessing graphics and interactive media student projects.

Next cohort: April 18-May 29, 2022 Sign up here

What is KQED Teach?

We offer a collection of free, hands-on professional learning opportunities focused on digital media. Educators can build skills in video and audio production, data visualization, and media analysis to support all curriculum areas. These skills allow educators to facilitate learning environments where their students can create digital content, develop their communication and technology skills, and engage in deeper learning that encourages critical thinking.

Have a question? email us at teach@kqed.org or check out our FAQ.

About KQED Education

The nonprofit, public media organization KQED serves educators and students nationwide by providing free, high-quality resources that strengthen media literacy skills, empower youth voice and encourage civic discourse. As a leader in media innovation, KQED provides standards-aligned classroom content and professional development courses that educators can trust. The KQED Education team is comprised of educators and experienced media professionals with a passion for equity and access in education. KQED is an NPR and PBS affiliate based in San Francisco.