Infographics Bootcamp

Infographics Introduction for Educators using Google Drawings

Mia Gittlen

Berkeley Unified School District

Grade Level

  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 8
  • 9 - 12


  • Other

Lesson Time

  • 1 hour or less

Goal: In a one hour training for classroom teachers set up as a Hyperdoc, explore how teachers can use Noun Project icons and Google Drawings to create anchor charts for their lessons.

Engage: Show Why Your Brain Craves Infographics. What catches your attention? Consider both the design and the content.

Explore: Examine at examples of infographics shared in the Infographics Bootcamp Collaborative List such as Evaluating a News Article, Sharing Your Work Online, and How to Read Media. What do these infographics communicate? How do they communicate it?

Explain: Use these resources for the following task: Getting Started with Google Draw,  The Noun Project, Infographic Layout Cheat Sheet, & Bringing it All Together

Apply: Create an infographic for a topic/anchor chart in Google Drawings using icons from the Noun Project that you’re covering in an upcoming unit of study.

Share: Conduct a Gallery Walk to showcase the infographics created.

Reflect: Brainstorm ways that infographics could be used in the classroom. How can educators use it? When could learners create them?


ISTE Educator Standard 1: Learner Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.