What is KQED Teach?

KQED Teach offers free, self-paced and instructor-led courses on media literacy that teachers can use to create engaging experiences in the classroom. KQED Teach was developed by KQED, an award-winning PBS and NPR affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Who is KQED Teach for? Can students use KQED Teach?

We want educators to practice and experience media making first-hand before bringing it into the classroom. KQED Teach is meant to be student free.


Can schools and districts sign up for KQED Teach?

Yes! Through school or district implementation, course availability can be customized and curated to meet school or district goals and objectives. Contact our Associate Director of Partnerships & Distribution, Almetria Vaba ( for more information.


What courses are available?

Our courses are all focused on media analysis, media making, and bringing media projects into your classroom. You can find them here. We’re always updating KQED Teach. Whether it’s a new course, a new challenge, or a new platform functionality.


What are the differences between self-paced and instructor led courses?

KQED Teach offers both self-paced and instructor led courses. These are the key differences in these two types of learning experiences:

Self-paced Courses Instructor Led Courses
Learning on your own. Learning with a cohort of other educators and course instructors.
Can be completed on your own schedule and pace. Offered during specific time periods of three to six weeks. Optional webinars, meetups and office hours.
Includes optional practices. Includes in-course discussions and assignments. 
Does not offer a certificate of completion. Offers a certificate of completion for completing all assignments.
Helps build skills related to PBS media literacy micro-credentials. Helps build skills and create artifacts needed to earn PBS media literacy micro-credentials.

Do you offer CEUs or micro-credentials?

We do not currently offer CEUs or other professional development credits. However we do offer certificates of course completion which may be recognized by your district for PD hours. Many KQED Teach courses can help you earn micro-credentials associated with the PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification. See this page for information on which courses are associated with which micro-credentials.


How do I earn a certificate of course completion?

After you complete a KQED Teach instructor-led course, you will be awarded a certificate of course completion that you can download. You will also receive the certificate to the email listed in your KQED Teach account. Certificates of course completion highlight estimated course hours, the project completed and the certificate award date. Certificates of completion are not conferred by completing self-paced courses.


Are certificates of course completion the same as the PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED?

No. Certificates of course completion are individually awarded each time you complete an instructor-led course on KQED Teach. PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED is a certification program designed to highlight classroom educators’ media literacy expertise. Learn more about becoming a PBS Media Literacy Certified Educator.


What can I do with my certificate of course completion?

You can use your certificate of course completion as evidence to share with your district for professional development hours. You can also share your certificate of course completion on social media, or add your certificate to your email signature, LinkedIn profile, or professional website.


How long are certificates of course completion valid?

Certificates of course completion do not expire.


What is Accredible?

Accredible is the service we use to provide the digital certificates of course completion so that you can have a record of your achievements. Problems with your certificate? Can’t find the right solution? Contact us:


What if I change institutions / my email address?

Email with the current email address associated with your account and what you like it changed to. After we change your email address in our system, you will retain all the progress on your courses you are currently enrolled in, and access to the certificates of any courses you have completed. We unfortunately cannot merge two separate accounts at this time.

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