What is KQED Teach?

KQED Teach offers free, self-paced courses on media literacy that teachers can use to create engaging experiences in the classroom. All courses are self-paced, so you can learn what you want, when you want, alongside a community of supportive educators. KQED Teach was developed by KQED, an award-winning PBS and NPR affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who is KQED Teach for? Can students use KQED Teach?

We want educators to practice and experience media making first-hand before bringing it into the classroom. KQED Teach is meant to be student free.

What courses are available?

Our courses are all focused on media analysis, media making, and bringing media projects into your classroom. You can find them here. We’re always updating KQED Teach. Whether it’s a new course, a new challenge, or a new platform functionality - you’ll always find something new!

Do you offer CEUs/badges/micro-credentials?

We created the PBS Media Literacy Certification by KQED to a) recognize and promote the educators who possess and apply these skills already and b) provide a clear pathway, through coursework and other instructional resources, for those educators who need or desire support. Learn more here!

Can schools and districts sign up for KQED Teach?

Yes! Through school or district implementation, course availability can be customized and curated to meet school or district goals and objectives. Contact our partnerships manager, Almetria Vaba ( for more information.

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